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The world map of MineScape is aimed to recreate the world of RuneScape in 2007. To learn about specific places, go read Locations.

Please note that not all of the map has been rebuilt by the MineScape build team, and some locations may still look like the original download by PodCrash. This is not intentional, as we are rebuilding portions of the world daily.

For the moment, the majority of the map is based on the free to play areas of RuneScape. This includes the Kingdom of Misthalin, Kingdom of Asgarnia, Crandor, a small portion of Karamja, the Wilderness, and Tutorial Island. Non-free-to-play RuneScape map portions (which are free to play on MineScape) include Castle Wars and Daemonheim. More will be added over time.

The plan for the future includes rebuilding Varrock, landscaping to make the world less flat, correcting all tree locations and density, and eventually expanding the world to cover more of the Members areas.


These are the people who have contributed in the construction of the world map in Minecraft. Not all are currently in Builder positions, but we appreciate their help nonetheless.

  • PodCrash - original map makers, started in 2011 and uploaded the map for download, without any licencing (this is the cause of Old North being used)
  • KablooieKablam - among many other things, he rebuilt Tutorial Island basically from scratch
  • Parkest - known primarily for rebuilding the Wilderness from scratch, he contributes his 2007scape account and has rebuilt multiple cities, including Port Sarim and Al Kharid
  • heyaroo - known primarily for rebuilding Varrock Castle, she also contributed to the rebuild of Lumbridge and other areas
  • Paradoxionn - primarily a moderator, he also helped with Varrock Castle, Lumbridge and Tutorial Island
  • WizardCM - contributed heavily to rebuilds of Al Kharid, Melzar's Maze, Lumbridge, Falador, Rimmington, Draynor Village and Tutorial Island, as well as general landscaping on the borders of the free-to-play world
  • Conor_Winchcombe - helped with the Melzar's Maze build among many others
  • Motordom117 - Rebuilt majority of Falador (not including the castle) including interiors and the stairs to the mines.
  • semmeess - helped rebuild Edgeville, built Taverley and Burthorpe from scratch.
  • An_Old_Lazy - rebuilt the Goblin Village underground