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Lumbridge is the town that many call home, or spawn. It is where those fresh from Tutorial Island appear, as well as those in dismay after losing a fight. Lumbridge gets its name from the River Lum and the bridge which spans it, joining east to west. Lumbridge is also well known for the castle that dominates the local landscape and dwarfs the buildings around it.

New players

After completing Tutorial Island, this is the first place you see, and where you start you true adventure. If you die, you respawn here. The area is easily recognised by the large castle, forge, and swamp, all locations regularly visited by players.

Available NPCs

  • Banker Greedo - Top story of Lumbridge castle
  • Bob - Bob's Axes salesman
  • Cook - "Cook's Assistant" Quest-giver, ground floor of Lumbridge castle
  • Duke Horacio - "Rune Mysteries" Quest-giver, second story of Lumbridge castle
  • Farmer Fred - "Sheep Shearer" Quest-giver, Sheep Farmhouse
  • Father Aereck - "The Restless Ghost" Quest-giver, Lumbridge Church
  • Shopkeeper Bernard - General Store Clerk
  • Ghost

Points of Interest