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Falador is the capital of Asgarnia. It plays a vital role in the ore trade, housing both the mining guild and a large mine underground. It is also the base of operation for the White Knights, and is surrounded by large white walls for protection.

Points of Interest

Falador Castle

Falador castle occupies a large portion of Falador city. It stands on an island within the city, with the only known access point being the bridge that crosses the moat. Currently the castle is mostly unocupied, except for the two quest givers. This is the starting point for the Knight's Sword, and the Black Knights' Fortress.


Falador has two banks, a west bank which is southwest of the north gate, east of the Rising Sun Inn, and an east bank, south of Falador Park.


Just south-east of the north gate is a furnace. This furnace is often used by players who have just finished a stretch of time in the Dwarven Mines or the Mining Guild, and wish to turn their spoils into bars.

Crafting Guild

Players with a crafting level of 40 can enter the Crafting Guild. The guild contains a large number of Gold Ore rocks, a furnace and a bank. The penned area around the guild can be entered by anyone and is a large field that spawns many cows.

Mining Guild

File:Mining Guild Entrence.png
The entrance to the Mining Guild.

The Mining Guild is located east of the Falador castle and south of the eastern bank. The entrance to the underground area is only available for players above Level 60 in Mining. It is also connected to the cavernous Dwarven Mines. Players can enter the guild through the connected mines, again requiring 60 mining to enter the area. 

Available NPCs

  •  Banker Jehovah - East Bank. North of Mining Guild, South of the Park
  • Banker Bernanke - West Bank
  • Sir Amik Varze - "Black Knights' Fortress" Quest-giver, inside White Knights Castle.
  • Squire in the Falador Castle Courtyard