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Taverley is a small Guthixian village located to the north-west of Falador, and is the most western point of the Kingdom of Asgarnia. It lacks a bank, but it is a starting point for several quests, and houses the Taverley Dungeon, currently known as the largest dungeon in MineScape, with the upcoming excavation of the Catacombs of Kourend in year 169 of the Fifth Age.

Lore-wise, Taverley is notable for having no strong political affiliations. The villagers tend to stay in solidarity, occasionally helping the Principality of Burthorpe with their war effort if the situation poses an immediate threat.


  • To the north lie Burthorpe and Death Plateau*.
  • To the South-east lies Falador; you can get there either by climbing over the crumbling wall, or via the gate to the north-east of Taverley.
  • To the west lies White Wolf Mountain, which can be dangerous for new players to cross, and beyond lies Catherby. If you have completed the Fishing Contest quest, you can use the tunnel to the north-west of Taverley to go under rather than over White Wolf Mountain.
  • Via hot air balloon*. Requires completion of Enlightened Journey*. Requires one normal log and the player may not carry over 40 kilograms of weight when using the balloon.

Notable features


* Not currently implemented


Note: There are also numerous monsters found in the Taverley Dungeon and the Heroes' Guild.