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Currently (10 July 2022) this page is outdated and no longer relevant.

Daemonheim is a dungeon that can be accessed from the Dock behind Al Kharid's bank. Travel cost is 100gp.

File:Daemonheim Entrence in Game.png

Remember this minigame is still in very early beta and things may not work as intended and may not be complete.

How does Daemonheim work?

There are currently 6 accessible floors of the dungeon (though floor 5 has no requirement (supposed to be 40) and has no/few mobs, doors and broken chests, no loot). To begin your adventure you have to enter floor one and kill enough mobs in that area to get to level 10 in the Slayer skill. Then you will be

File:Daemonheim Floor1 Entrence.png

able to go into floor 2. Every 10 levels you will unlock another floor.


While traversing the floors of Daemonheim you will encounter pieces of wood, ores (currently not possible to collect) and chests with loot in them.

Possible loot:

  • Ancient Gold (can be sold to shopkeeper for gp)
  • Cooked Herring
  • Different types of bows
  • Arrows