Port Sarim

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Port Sarim is a bustling town in south-eastern Asgarnia. With its many docks and port facilities, Port Sarim offers a gateway to many exotic locations. At present the only available destination is Karamja, with transport to Crandor and Dragon Slayer in the works.


Possible ship transport:

  • Karamja                    50 coins
  • Crandor (Currently unavailable)


Currently the only place to buy higher lvl fishing equipment.

Fisherman Joes Stock:
  • Small Net                 10 coins
  • Fishing Rod             25 coins
  • Fly Fishing Rod       100 coins
  • Lobster Pot              250 coins
  • Harpoon                  650 coins


Dragon Slayer Quest

  • A man in jail who has part of the map to Crandor
  • Sailor who will rent you the boat to travel to Crandor