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Chickens are a type of domesticated bird kept as livestock by farmers, and are often found inside pens in the farms of Gielinor.

Chickens are one of the weakest enemies in MineScape, and are often killed by low-level players training their combat skills as they have very low defence and cannot deal damage to players: the chicken farms in Lumbridge are often crowded for this reason. Chickens will sometimes try to retreat when they have 1 hitpoint left.

Chickens count for bird Slayer tasks, which can be given by Turael.

Chickens are a source of several useful items, as when they are killed they drop raw chickens for Cooking, bones for Prayer, and 5 or 15 feathers for Fishing or Fletching. Feathers are usually in high demand, therefore killing chickens and selling their feathers can be somewhat profitable for low level players.

In most populated worlds, chicken coops are often full of bones, feathers, and raw chicken left by players training on the chickens. If one chooses to bury the bones and cook the chicken, they will be able to gain a small amount of Prayer and Cooking experience for free.

A variant type of chicken is attacked on Tutorial Island during the Magic tutorial.


Location Levels Members Spawns Map
North of Etceteria Castle 1 3 Maplink
West of Warriors' Guild (Tenzing's House) 1 4 Maplink
West of Witchaven 1 4 Maplink
Miscellania Castle Courtyard 1 4 Maplink
Tyras Camp 1 3 Maplink
Tyras Camp during cutscene 1 3 Maplink
Rellekka 1 4 Maplink
South of the Farming Guild 1 8 Maplink
Tai Bwo Wannai 1 4 Maplink
Lumbridge East Farm 1 13 Maplink
Entrance of the Ranging Guild 1 4 Maplink
Miscellania Blacksmith area 1 4 Maplink
North of Lumbridge West Farm 1 1 Maplink
Entrana 1 6 Maplink
North of Land's End 1 5 Maplink
South of Kourend Castle 1 6 Maplink
Lumbridge West Farm 1 33 Maplink
White Knights Castle Courtyard 1 1 Maplink
Farm south of Falador 1 10 Maplink
Sinclair Mansion 1 3 Maplink
Barbarian Agility Course 1 3 Maplink
Champions' Guild 1 5 Maplink
Etceteria Castle Courtyard 1 4 Maplink
Prifddinas, Crwys district 1 4 Maplink
Wizards' Tower Basement 1 1 Maplink
Isle of Souls 1 7 Maplink


The following drop rates are provided by Jagex, unless otherwise specified.

The average Chicken kill is worth 171.79.


Item Quantity Rarity Price
Bones 1 Always 67
Raw chicken 1 Always 86


Item Quantity Rarity Price
Feather 5 1/2 15
Feather 15 1/4 45
Nothing N/A 1/4 N/A