Wizards' Tower

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The Wizards' Tower is located south of Draynor Village, over a bridge. The tower plays a part in many quests.

Getting there

* Not implemented


The Wizards' Tower was created at the same time as the founding of the Order of Wizards at the start of the Fifth Age, following the rediscovery of runecrafting. Initially, the Order was welcoming of all researching wizards, regardless of their religion or race, though it has been claimed that Zamorakian wizards were barred from certain research topics.

Sometime one hundred years ago, the Tower was burned down, with decades of research lost, including an incantation that teleports one to the rune essence mine. However, the basement survived its destruction.

The Tower's destruction was blamed on the Zamorakian wizards of the Order, who the Order believed to have burnt down the tower in revenge for failing to steal Saradominist research. As a result, the Zamorakian wizards were expelled from the Order after the Tower was rebuilt, and they formed the Zamorak Magical Institute. However, it is claimed that the destruction of the first Tower was the result of a ritual gone wrong, as the Saradominists who performed it stole the research from a Zamorakian wizard, who made the breakthrough in teleportation magic the ritual was based on.

Inside the tower

Inside the tower is a multiple number of floors, and a few notable non-player characters. The whole tower, except for the basement, is a multi-combat zone.


The basement is one of four entrances to the rune essence mines. In addition, after the completion of Temple of the Eye*, the basement serves as the entrance for Guardians of the Rift minigame.

The basement also plays a role in The Restless Ghost quest. It can be accessed via a ladder on the ground floor[UK] of the Wizards' Tower.

The basement is where players can find Archmage Sedridor. He plays a major role in the Rune Mysteries quest. He can also teleport players to the Rune essence mine after completing this quest.

There is an altar, but it cannot be used to recharge Prayer points. It is used during the Restless Ghost quest.

Ground floor

On the ground floor[UK], there are two rooms with many wizards. They are level 9 and quite popular for players as not many monsters drop runes and these are the only ones that drop wizard robes. There is also a leather boot spawn on the table in the library. At the staircases, there are three log spawns. There are also bookcases in the library, and players may find the following books while searching them:

  • The Life & Times of a Thingummywut by Traiborn the Wizard
  • Wind Strike for Beginners
  • Life With a Wizard Husband ~ a Housewife's Story
  • The Dark Arts of Magical Wands
  • So You Think You're a Mage? Volume 28
  • Fire, Earth and Water ~ What's it all About?
  • How to become the Ultimate Wizard of the Universe
  • 101 Ways to Impress Your Mates with Magic

Middle floor

Here resides the loony Traiborn, and Wizard Jalarast who can make Splitbark armour, with the proper supplies. Rick, a young student, can also be found here selling the elusive escape crystals for 75,000 coins. There is one or two level 9 wizards, and also a couple of useless rooms. Traiborn helps you out when making the Cake of guidance for the Lumbridge Guide in the quest, Recipe for Disaster.

Top floor

On the 2nd floor[UK] in the tower, there is a caged level 82 lesser demon free for players to battle with. Because it is caged, it cannot attack any players or do damage to them, but only long-ranged attacks or magic can harm it. If you wish to obtain the drops from the lesser demon, you must use Telekinetic Grab (33 Magic required). Also, there is Wizard Grayzag, who used to be an attackable level 41 NPC, who summoned imps to fight against players who attacked him. He plays a role in the Imp Catcher quest.

After completing the Imp Catcher quest the Wizard Mizgog will exchange an amulet of accuracy for the four different coloured beads.


The following quests can be started in the Wizards' Tower: