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Note: Some of the information on this page is out of date.

There is currently only 3 slayermasters in Minescape right now.

Slayer Masters

Name Combat Level Required Location Points For Completed Task
Turael Any Burthorpe
Krystilia Any Edgeville 25
Vannaka 40 Edgeville Dungeon 4


None yet

Vannaka Tasks

Monster Location(s) Combat Levels Experience Per Kill
Green Dragon Wilderness (Level 12) 79 75
Hill Giant Edgeville Dungeon 28 35
Hobgoblin Edgeville Dungeon 28, 42 29, 49

Normal Slayer Monsters

Monster Location(s) Combat level(s) Experience per kill
Spider Lumbridge 2 5
Scorpion Al Kharid mine 14 17
Skeleton Varrock sewer 21 24
Green dragon Falador dungeon 79 75

None yet

Krystilia Wilderness Tasks

Monster Monster Name Locations(s) Combat Level(s) Experience Per Kill
Spiders Deadly Red Spiders Edgeville Dungeon 34 35
Earth Warrior Earth Warrior Edgeville Dungeon 51 54
Green Dragon Green Dragon North East Wilderness (level 12) 79 75
Bears Bear North Wilderness 21 27
Mammoths Mammoth North Wilderness (West of Chaos Temple near Obelisk) 80 130
Chaos Druids Chaos Druids, Elder Chaos Druids Edgeville Dungeon, Wilderness Chaos Temple 13, 129 20, 150
Black Demons Black Demon Edgeville Dungeon 172 157

Task Information

To see task information there is 4 variables you can add to your in-game scoreboard by using


Scoreboard Variables:

<slayer_task_current> How many kills you have done on your task
<slayer_task_mob> Name of NPC
<slayer_task_remaining> Kills Remaining
<slayer_task_required> Total kills required

Example formatting:

<slayer_task_mob>: <slayer_task_remaining>/<slayer_task_required>

Example how it would look on scoreboard midway during a task:

SPIDER: 40/80

You might need to update your scoreboard if it get stuck with

/scoreboard update