Black Knights' Fortress Quest

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Start Point Talk to Sir Amik Varzeon, located on the third floor of the western tower of the White Knights' Castle in Falador
Description Once again the Black Knights are up to no good. You are hired by the White Knights to spy on them, find out what they're up to, and put a stop to it.
Length Short
Items Required
  • Bronze Full Helmet
  • Iron Platebody
  • Cabbage
Enemies to Defeat None

  • Talk to Sir Amik Varzeon on the third floor of the west tower in Falador Castle.
  • Get Full Bronze Helm, Iron Platebody and Cabbage.
  • Equip Helmet and Platebody, enter the fortress and get on the side path of the Black Knight Fortress.
  • Throw in the cabbage and right-click on the hopper.
  • Get back to Falador castle and speak with Sir Amik Varzeon.