Grand Exchange

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The Grand Exchange, or GE for short, is a place where players can sell their items to other players through the market system. Players list their items in exchange for gold coins. The Grand Exchange is located just west of Varrock.

How it works

File:Grand Exhange Buy-Sell.png
Main page of the Grand Exchange, shows players active buy and sell orders.

To get started, simply right click on a GE, Grand Exchange, Clerk found either at the GE or in the Lumbridge courtyard, right next to where players /home or Lumbridge teleport takes them. This will pull up your buy and sell slots, By default players only have access to the first page of buy/sell slots, eight in total, unless the player has purchased membership through the store which grants the player unlimited buy/sell pages to utilize. This interface also gives you the ability to access Item Sets which allows you to use armour pieces to make an item set, IE a Rune Full Helm, Rune Platebody, Rune Platelegs and a Rune Kiteshield can be exchanged for a Rune Armour Set Lg. With it being a single item makes it easier for other players to buy the full set without needing to look up each item individually.


File:Sell Interface.png
Sell Interface

To sell an item on the Grand Exchange, once you are looking at the interface, click the Sell button and it will open the Sell interface. Here you can click on an item in your inventory to sell it, the item can also be in note form if you wish to sell in bulk. When you first click the item to sell it, it'll list the price at Low Alch value by default. As you can see, you have a slot for the item being sold, the quantity and price, which can be adjusted using the buttons below the price and quantity or by click on the number itself to set the price manually, which is recommended for easier use. Once you are happy with the price you wish to sell the item for press the button below at the bottom that has total price of your sell order. Please note when selling in bulk or more than one item, that players don't have to buy all the items at one time, so you make be selling 1000 coal at 300 GP ea and a player puts in a buy order for 500 coal at 300 GP ea, you will get a notification on login or while in game that 500/1000 coal has been sold.

File:Guide Price.png
Guide Price

Guide Price

The guide price lets you see what the item is being sold for, So for example here the Runite Bar has a Sell Lowest of 14k, being the cheapest a player is selling the item for, Sell Highest of 40K, being the most expensive. Followed by the total quantity that is being sold by all players combined. Then you have the Buy Lowest which is the cheapest a player is willing to pay for the item and the Buy Highest which is the most a player is willing to buy the item for. Followed by the Buy Amount being the total quantity that is being bought.

So when setting a price for selling and you wish to sell quick, set your price to the Buy Highest for max profits. When Buying and item set your price to the Sell Lowest price to get it for the cheapest. Keep in mind that prices change over time so check up on your buy and sell orders to make sure your prices aren't being out competed by the competition.


File:Buy Interface.png
Buy Interface

To buy an item click on the Buy Button and a search bar will show up, then type the name of the item your looking for, if you leave the search bar blank, it'll bring up a list of all items able to be bought/sold, even if the item isn't in game yet. But once you find the item you are looking for in the item list, click on it to bring up the Buy Interface. The Interface it almost exactly like the Sell Interface so it'll navigate the same way. Set the amount of the item you wish to buy, Set your buy price and just make sure you have enough coins in your inventory for when you click the button at the bottom, the one that says 18,000 (total cost) and it will take 18k coins out of your inventory and post the buy offer for that price. Make sure to keep in mind when making large buy orders that you don't put all your money in the GE, cause you wont be able to use it unless you cancel your buy order.

Canceling/Claiming Items

File:Buy-Sell Order.png
Buy/Sell Order

To claim the items/money you get from your buy/sell orders, simply click the icon of the item your buying/selling, then on the lower right hand corner there is two slots, the left slot is for the items, when buying items, and the right slot is for coins, when selling items. simply left click to claim the items, or if your buying in bulk of resources, right click to claim them in noted form.

You can hover your mouse over to the the Total Quantity you are buying/selling and hover over the Price/item to see how much you are buying/selling that item for.

If you wish to cancel an order, simply click the Red X in the middle bottom and wait a few moments then you can get your items/money back. There is no penalty for canceling orders, so feel free to do so if you wish to change your price or quantity.