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Smithing allows players to smelt bars, which then gives them the ability to craft armour, weapons, ammo and much more.


Level needed to craft Bar type Required ore to smelt Experience per bar Notes
1 Bronze 1 Tin, 1 Copper 6.2 Low tier metal
8 Blurite 1 Blurite 8 Player must complete Knights Sword quest to craft.
15 Iron 1 Iron 12.5 There is a 50% chance the player will fail when smelting this bar. See smelting Iron Ore.
20 Silver 1 Silver 13.6 This bar is used in the Crafting skill.
20 Elemental 1 Elemental, 4 Coal 7.5 Used in Elemental Workshop I and II
30 Steel 1 Iron, 2 Coal 17.5 Average metal
40 Gold 1 Gold 22.5 (56.2) Often used for the Crafting skill.
50 Mithril 1 Mithril, 4 Coal 30 Lightest of all bars.
70 Adamantite 1 Adamantite, 6 Coal 37.5 Heaviest of all bars
85 Runite 1 Runite, 8 Coal 50 Strongest of all bars.

The main bar types: Bronze, Iron, Steel, Mithril, Adamantite, and Runite can all be used to make various pieces or armour, weapons, ammo, and tools.