Vampire Slayer

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Start point Speak to Morgan in his house in Draynor Village, just north of Ned's house.
Official difficulty 2
Description The people of Draynor Village live in constant terror. Their numbers are dwindling, all due to the foul creature lurking in the manor to the north known as a vampyre.
Official length Very Short
Requirements Able to defeat a combat level 34 vampyre with a very high health recovery rate.
Items required *Hammer (can be bought from the general store just north of the Blue Moon Inn for 1 coin)
  • Beer (can be bought during the quest for 2 coins)
  • Garlic (can be obtained during the quest)
  • Stake (obtained from Dr Harlow after giving him a beer)
Recommended * Combat level 20 Combat level
Enemies to defeat Count Draynor (level 34)


A Vampyre Threat

Template:Map Speak to Morgan in his house in Draynor Village, just north of Ned's house. Morgan will tell you that a vampyre is causing distress and wants you to kill it.

To receive some garlic, go upstairs of Morgan's building and look for a cupboard. Open and search the cupboard to receive the garlic.

Morgan will also tell you to go to the Blue Moon Inn in Varrock, and talk to Dr Harlow.

The Ex-slayer

Template:Map Go to Varrock and head to The Blue Moon Inn located south of Varrock Square. Once inside, talk to Dr Harlow. Tell him Morgan needs his help. He will want you to buy him a beer. Find the bartender, buy a beer, and then talk to Dr Harlow. He will talk about vampyres and give you a stake. Next, buy a hammer from a general store if you don't already have one. You can buy the hammer from the Varrock General Store, which is just north of Blue Moon Inn. The closest general store to Draynor is in Lumbridge. There is also a hammer spawn point upstairs in the Falador furnace room.

Count Draynor

File:Fighting Count Draynor.png
A player fights against Count Draynor.

Now that you have the required items, you must now fight the vampyre. Make sure you have a weapon, armour, food, garlic, a hammer and the stake. Go to Draynor Village, and then head north to the Draynor Manor. Once inside, go down the large stairs on the east side of the building. There will be a coffin in the centre of the room. Open it and the vampyre, Count Draynor, will pop up and attack you. If you have garlic, the Count will be weakened, though he will still pose a huge threat to players with a low combat level. When you defeat the Count, you will automatically stab him with the hammer and the stake.

  • If the player does not have a hammer with them, they will receive a tooltip: "You are unable to push the stake far enough in" and will be unable to kill the Vampyre.
  • If the player takes too long to kill Count Draynor, he will return to his coffin and heal to full health, and the player will have to start the fight all over again.

Congratulations! Quest complete!


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Required for completing

Completion of Vampyre Slayer is required for the following: