Pestle and mortar

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The pestle and mortar is a tool used to crush items for use in Herblore and many quests, as well as the Sorceress's Garden* minigame. It can be bought from Herbalists and certain general stores.

* Not implemented


A pestle and mortar is necessary for the following recipes:

Base Product
Anchovies Anchovy paste
Ashes Ground ashes
Bird nest (empty) Crushed nest
Black mushroom Black dye
Blue dragon scale Dragon scale dust
Charcoal Ground charcoal
Chocolate bar Chocolate dust
Crab meat Ground crab meat
Desert goat horn Goat horn dust
Dried thistle Ground thistle
Gorak claws Gorak claw powder
Guam leaf Ground guam
Kebbit teeth Kebbit teeth dust
Kelp Ground kelp
Lava scale Lava scale shard
Mud rune Ground mud runes
Mysterious meat Mysterious crushed meat
Nihil shard Nihil dust
Poison karambwan Karambwan paste
Raw cod Ground cod
Rune shards Rune dust
Seaweed Ground seaweed
Superior dragon bones Crushed superior dragon bones
Suqah tooth Ground tooth
Unicorn horn Unicorn horn dust
Winter sq'irk Winter sq'irkjuice
Spring sq'irk Spring sq'irkjuice
Autumn sq'irk Autumn sq'irkjuice
Summer sq'irk Summer sq'irkjuice

Item sources

Shop locations

Seller Location Number

in stock




sold at


bought at

Jiminua's Jungle Store. Karamja 3 5m 6 2
Obli's General Store. Shilo Village 3 5m 6 2
Jiminua's Jungle Store. (Karamja gloves) Karamja 3 5m 5 2
Sigmund the Merchant (shop) Rellekka 3 5m 5 2
Obli's General Store. (Karamja gloves) Shilo Village 3 5m 5 2
Grud's Herblore Stall. Gu'Tanoth 3 1m 5 1
Gunslik's Assorted Items Keldagrim 3 5m 5 1
Prifddinas Herbal Supplies Prifddinas 3 1m 4 2
Frincos' Fabulous Herb Store. Entrana 3 1m 4 2
Jatix's Herblore Shop. Taverley 3 1m 4 2
Myths' Guild Herbalist Myths' Guild, 1st floor 5 1m 4 2
The Lighthouse Store Lighthouse 10 5m 4 2