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There are commands the player can type into chat that will give useful information to help to better immerse oneself into the game or access some features more easily.

Commands Notes Effects
/urp loads up the resource pack, very important to have otherwise everything looks like vanilla Minecraft textures
/music music plays

in browser

opens the music player list in chat, click the link at the bottom to open the music player in a web browser
/daily opens a window for you to claim your daily rewards anywhere in the world
/map click the link in chat to open an interactive world map in a web browser
/vote Votepoints are

used for double

exp, DXP

click the link in chat to open a web browser to vote for the server, there are currently eight sites to vote on

and can earn eight vote points which can be used for things like activating double experience server wide

/votepool used to pool your vote points for double experience
/home to teleport back to your home spawn, place you go when you die, cast time takes 15 seconds so be sure to

stay still otherwise it get interrupted

/hub to hop back to the server hub
/hop [world] to hop to a different world on the server
/changelog opens a book on screen with a list of content updates over the years
/scoreboard allows editing of the text on the Scoreboard that is on the right hand side of the screen.

Full Command List (Work In Progress)

Command Function
/? shows the commands.
/badges allows you to pick your own badge.
/bugs tells you where to report bugs.
/cc clear chat.
/clearchat clear chat.
/changelog shows you the recent updates.
/characters list MEMBERS shows your characters
/characters create Members lets you create another character
/clan shows you clan options.
/commands shows the commands.
/daily daily rewards.
/daily-quest daily quest.
/discord the discord server for minescape.
/doubleexp tells you when double xp weekend will be active.
/duel accept allows you to fight other players in the duel arena.
/glow adds a glowing affect to the item you're holding.
/ignore allows you to ignore someone. To undo an ignore just repeat the command with the players name.
/Items item search function.
/map redirects you to the map on minescape.
/Mobs List of all mobs. (may not be in game yet)
/mobs name This allows you to search for a specific mob to see drops and number of spawns
/music Allows you to turn on Music.
/p Shows the current ping to the Server.
/ping Shows the current ping to the Server.
/platinumtokens Can be used for Treasure Chests.
/referral Can be used once per account. Gives you 50 Platinum Tokens.
/scoreboard Allows you to setup your display on the right side.
/skillbadges Allows you to pick badges based on your skill.
/Skills skills
/stats Shows your worn equipment bonuses and max hit.
/trandsmog Allows players to set cosmetic items in certain equpiment slots and will be shown instead of armour. This costs a gp amount or plat tokens.
/trello Links you to the Servers Trello.
/uptime Tells you how long the world has been up for without a restart.
/value inventory Tells you how much each item is worth in your inventory.
/vote Allows you to vote for the server.
/votepool Spend your vote points.
/votepool Used to check your point balance as well as start votepools for events.
/w Talk to someone privately.
/whisper Talk to someone privately.
/r Reply to a message.
/reply Reply to a message.
/glist Shows how many players on server.
/server hub takes you to the hub where you can pick a world.
/urp downloads resource pack.