Cook's Assistant

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Start Point Talk to the Cook in the Kitchen on the ground floor of Lumbridge Castle

The castle Cook is in a mess. It is the Duke's birthday and the Cook is making the cake. He needs ingredients but doesn't have much time!

Length Short
Items Required
  • Egg
  • Vial of Milk
  • Wheat
Enemies to Defeat None

Cook's Assistant is a quest, beginning in Lumbridge. It involves helping Cook, the Duke's chef, find ingredients for a cake for the Duke's party.

To begin this quest, go to Lumbridge castle. On the ground floor of the castle, you will find a kitchen, containing ranges and other related objects. Speak to Cook, who will tell you about the Duke's birthday, and how he has forgotten to buy the ingredients for the party. He instructs the player to find ingredients to make the cake.

To help the chef, the player must bring him one vial of milk, one egg and one wheat.

To find the egg, the player must kill a chicken, which can be found almost anywhere in Lumbridge, and it will drop an egg, along with a raw chicken. The raw chicken is unneeded for the quest, so the player may drop it if they do not want to keep it.

To get the wheat, the player must have a scythe and at least level 5 Farming. Wheat can be found in Varrock, just north of the Cooking Guild.. The wheat block must be broken with a scythe to obtain wheat.

To get the milk, the player must find a cow. These can be found across the bridge outside Lumbridge castle, in the pen. Cows can be right-clicked with the player's hand, and milk will be obtained.

When the player has all of the required items, handing them to the cook will complete the quest.