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MineScape Bosses[edit | edit source]

Bosses are challenging monsters with unique rewards. All information is pulled from the in game /mobs command and models from the GitHub. Some bosses may not be currently implemented on the live servers.

Bosses Combat Level
Ahrims hood npc.png Ahrim the Blighted 98
Karils coif npc.png Karil the Tainted 98
Guthans helm npc.png Guthan the Infested 115
Dharoks helm npc.png Dharok the Wretched 115
Torags helm npc.png Torag the Corrupted 115
Veracs helm npc.png Verac the Defiled 115
Obor .png Obor 106
Bryophyta.png Bryophyta 128
Growthling.png Growthling 37
Fedora.png Crazy Archaeologist 204
Giant mole.png Giant Mole 230

Quest Bosses[edit | edit source]

Quest Bosses Combat Level Quest
Count draynor.png Count Draynor 34 Vampire Slayer
Delrith.png Delrith 27 Demon Slayer
Tree spirit.png Tree Spirit 101 Lost City
Temple guardian.png Temple Guardian 30 Priest in Peril
Restlessghost skeleton standing.png Skeleton 13? Restless Ghost
Experiment skavid.png Witch's experiment 19, 30, 42, 53 Witch's House

Unreleased Bosses[edit | edit source]

Unreleased Bosses with Models in the Game Files
Bouncer Bouncer
Elvarg.png Elvarg
Demonic gorilla.png Demonic gorilla
General khazard.png General khazard
King black dragon King black dragon
Scorpia.png Scorpia
Tztok jad.png Tztok jad
Thermonuclear smoke devil.png Thermonuclear smoke devil
Venenatis.png Venenatis
Vetion.png Vetion