Demon Slayer

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In Demon Slayer, you're tasked with protecting Varrock from a powerful demon.Template:Infobox Quest


Start point Speak to Aris in the tent on the western side of Varrock Square.
Official difficulty Novice
Description A mighty demon is being summoned to destroy the city of Varrock. You find out you are the one destined to stop him (or at least try).
Official length Short
Requirements The ability to defeat a level 27 demon aided by three level 20 Dark wizards and two level 7 Dark wizards using the Silverlight in melee.
Items required *Bucket of water (can be obtained during the quest)
Recommended * Combat level 15 Combat level
Enemies to defeat Delrith (level 27)


Getting started


File:Demon Slayer - Wally.png
Wally slaying Delrith.
File:Aris chathead.png

Speak to Aris in the tent on the western side of Varrock Square. Pay her one coin, and she will tell you a story involving a demon named Delrith who terrorized Varrock over a century prior. Delrith was previously defeated by a hero named Wally; just your luck, the demon is being summoned again, and you now have to kill him with Wally's sword Silverlight.

Ask Aris, "So, how did Wally kill the demon?" She will show you the incantation Wally used: write down or screenshot the phrase, as it will be important later on. The word order of this spell is randomised for every player. After telling you the incantation, she tells you to talk to Sir Prysin to help.

Go north to Varrock Castle. Sir Prysin will be wandering the south-west portion of the Template:FloorNumber of the castle. Talk to him and tell him that Aris sent you. Ask for Silverlight, the weapon needed to kill Delrith. He will say that he kept it hidden because of it being so powerful and it needs three keys to open it. He will tell you that he lost his key somewhere, and the other two keys are in the possession of Captain Rovin and the Wizard Traiborn.

Captain Rovin's key

File:Captain Rovin chathead.png

One of the keys may be obtained by speaking to Captain Rovin, who is found on the Template:FloorNumber of the Varrock Palace, on the north-west side. Climb up the stairs in the north-west room twice in order to reach him.

Talk to him and tell him that you need the key in order to recover Silverlight to slay a demon that threatens the city. Mention that Sir Prysin said Captain Rovin would give the key to you, to which he will rant about the King being the only one to tell him what to do. Next, ask him why Sir Prysin give the key to him in the first place, and he'll state the King made Sir Prysin give him the key so that it wouldn't get lost. After this dialogue, he'll then hand over the key, under the condition that you do not allow Sir Prysin to kill the demon.

File:Demon Slayer - Wizard Traiborn's wardrobe.gif
Wizard Traiborn casts a spell to summon a wardrobe containing his key

Wizard Traiborn's key



Head to the Template:FloorNumber of the Wizards' Tower, which stands on an island south of Draynor Village. Talk to Traiborn about the key, to which he'll say he doesn't have it; ask about some keys knocking around, and Traiborn will explain that they're in a magical wardrobe, for which he needs 25 regular bones to open.

You can save time by having all of the bones with you when you first speak to him. An easy way to get the bones is to kill goblins south of the prison outside of Draynor Village. Once you have all 25, give Traiborn the bones, and he will perform his ritual and then give you his key.

Note for File:Ultimate ironman chat badge.png Ultimate Ironmen: You can deliver the bones in increments, so you do not need to clear out your inventory to complete this step.

Sir Prysin's key


File:Sir Prysin chathead.png

Head back to Varrock palace, and go into the kitchen in the north-east corner of the Template:FloorNumber. If you do not already have a bucket of water, you can find an empty bucket up the stairs, in the bedroom to the north-east. With the bucket, return to the kitchen and use it on the sink (or any other water source, such as a fountain), to obtain a bucket of water.

Next, head outside through kitchen door and look for a drain near the wall north of the doorway. Use your bucket of water on the drain. If you do not do this, you cannot obtain the key. The key will be washed down the drain, so you must now retrieve it from the sewer below. Head east, out of the palace, and look for a manhole located south of the palace's east walls. It is marked by the File:Dungeon icon.png icon on the minimap. Once you find it, open the manhole and climb down to enter the sewer.

Template:Map:Demon Slayer key locationTemplate:Clear

While in the sewer, go north-west and follow the path highlighted on the map above until you reach a stream. You should see a muddy patch to your left, next to a pile of skeletons. Examine this and you will find a rusty key.

File:Silverlight detail.png
The mighty sword Silverlight.


Now that you have all three keys, head back to Sir Prysin in Varrock. Give him the keys, and he will give you Silverlight. Players can drop Silverlight and ask Sir Prysin for another one for free; after the quest he will charge {{{Value}}} coins. Equip the sword, get any food and armour you may need for combat, and prepare to fight Delrith.

If you have forgotten the magical incantation, you can speak with Aris at her tent in Varrock Square to hear it again.

When you're ready, head south of Varrock, and go east towards the stone circle surrounded by dark wizards. A cutscene will play of Delrith being summoned by the wizards after you enter the circle.

Banishing Delrith

File:Demon Slayer - Summoning ritual.png
The dark wizards attempt to summon Delrith!


File:Dark wizard chathead.png
File:Demon Slayer - Delrith is summoned.png
Delrith is summoned!

The final part takes place in an instance of the Varrock stone circle, with Delrith and several dark wizards. Level 7 and 20 wizards will be aggressive to players with lower than 15 or 41 combat level respectively. Their maximum hit of 6 can threaten players with a low Hitpoints level, especially if the player has negative Magic Defence bonus. To leave, run to the edge at any time during the fight.

Because the fight takes place in a single-way combat zone, if you are already under attack from a dark wizard, you will need to kill or hide from it before you are able to begin combat with Delrith. It is recommended for lower-level players to approach from the south, and hide from wizards behind the southernmost stone wall until Delrith is nearby.

Attack Delrith with Silverlight equipped. Despite his combat level of 27, the Silverlight's weakening effect will reduce Delrith's hitpoints to less than that of a cow. When he reaches 0 hitpoints, say the magical incantation. If the wrong incantation is said, Delrith regenerates to full health.

Pures and lower levels

For those wishing to attack with magic, wielding Silverlight and manually casting spells will also deal damage. Other methods include flinching him or using Confuse, Curse, or Weaken to make him easier to kill with melee. Ring of recoils can be used for this fight.

If you take too long to finish off Delrith, he will disappear and you will need to leave and re-enter the instance. If Delrith disappears during the dialogue to banish him the quest can still be completed by pressing "continue" until the end.

Quest complete!


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Required for completing

Completion of Demon Slayer is required for the following: