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Ores are found throughout MineScape in mines and dig-outs. They are used for creating most types of armour with the appropriate Mining and Smithing level.

Types of Ores

Ore Level Xp
Rune Essence 1 5
Copper 1 17
Tin 1 17
Blurite 10 17.5
Iron 15 30
Silver 20 40
Coal 30 50
Gold 40 65
Mithril 55 80
Adamantite 70 95
Runite 85 125

Important Locations

  • The Mining Guild is located in Falador but its most important part is that it's underground. You have to have at least level ~60 to enter and is possibly the best source of all ores excluding Runite. It is also connected to a cave system that can be entered by two different entrances that have plenty of ores though not as rich as the Mining Guild .
  • Rune essence mine.
  • The Wilderness Mine, the only known location of Runite ore.