Iron rock

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An iron rock is a protruding rock containing iron ore. A player with a Mining level of 15 or higher can mine iron ore from rocks found in various mines, granting 35 Mining experience for each ore mined. After being mined, an iron rock takes 5.4 seconds to respawn.

Iron is the a popular ore that players can power-mine for experience. At the Mining Guild, Al Kharid Mine, Piscatoris Mine, Legends' Guild mine, Verdant Valley, Lovakengj Mine, Mount Karuulm Mine, Trahaearn Mine, Wilderness Resource Area, and Isle of Souls mine, there are three rocks in close proximity, which allows for convenient mining.

Mining Info

Iron rock
Level required 15
Mining XP 35 xp
Required tool Pickaxe
Respawn time 5.4 seconds


Iron ore rocks that are close to a bank include:

  1. Talk to Kazgar and have him take you to the mines.
  2. Mine until your inventory is full of ore.
  3. Go to Mistag and have him show you out of the mines.
  4. Go into the Lumbridge Castle basement through the hole and bank at the Culinaromancer's Chest if Recipe for Disaster is partially completed, or bank at the Lumbridge Castle bank on the top floor if not.
  5. Deposit all the ore and then go back to the mines and repeat.

Power-mining Locations

There are currently 10 locations in MineScape that have iron rocks in close proximity.


Location Rocks
Abandoned Mine 15
Al Kharid mine 9
Ardougne Sewers mine 5
Bandit Camp mine 16
Citharede Abbey mine 3
Desert Mining Camp (surface) 3
Dorgesh-Kaan mine 9
Dwarven Mine 9
Edgeville Dungeon mine 3
Evil Chicken's Lair mine 4
Fight Arena mine 9
Fossil Island mine 7
Grand Tree mine (east side) 1
Grand Tree mine (west side) 7
Hosidius mine 9
Isle of Souls mine 10
Jatizso mine 7
Karamja Jungle mine 1
Keldagrim entrance mine 9
Keldagrim south-west mine 4
Legends' Guild mine 11
Lovakengj mine 4
Mining Guild 4
Mining Guild 8
Mount Karuulm mine 6
Pirates' Hideout mine 1
Piscarilius mine 5
Piscatoris mine 3
Resource Area (Wilderness) 6
Rimmington mine 6
Ruins of Ullek mine 5
Ruins of Unkah mine 5
Shayzien mine 3
Sisterhood Sanctuary mine 6
South Mor Ul Rek mine 3
South Wilderness mine 2
South-east Ardougne mine 13
South-east Varrock mine 4
South-west Varrock mine 3
The Node mine 4
Trahaearn mine 26
Verdant Valley 3
West Falador mine 3