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0.1 Introduction

This guide is designed for new and returning players to be able to reach the mid-game fast and efficiently by gaining LVL 40 in each skill. The guide is split into 4 different sections.

1. Getting Started

2. First 100k & 40 Slayer

3. Start of  Skilling

4. Finishing base 40s

Each section focuses on different broad goals while being divided down into smaller segments.  The further along you progress in the guide you will realize that the game is incredibly liberal in the ways you can play it. Following this guide is not the only way to reach the mid-game or play the game. Remember that having fun playing always comes first.

Welcome to the grind, embrace the suck.

Getting Started

     1.1 First Steps

     1.2 Cook's Assistant, Sheep Shearer & Imp Catcher

     1.3 Combat Training

     1.4 Starter Cash

     1.5 Broadening Our Horizons & Combat 40s

1.1 First Steps

So, you've just made it off of the tutorial island, you spawn into Lumbridge castle for the first time and you have the whole wide world of Minescape in front of you to explore. What do you do? Well, anything you want really, however, our guide takes the first steps into this brave new world through introducing you to a few starter quests & by claiming our daily rewards.

First, head outside of the castle courtyard and you should find an NPC named "Jester" - claim your free daily rewards from him. Any Skillpacks you gain from these rewards can be used to gain items required to train a specific skill. These materials can then be either used by yourself to train the beforementioned skill or they can be sold for cash.

I recommend that you use your skill packs on Prayer since it has a chance to give you dragon bones, which are A) good money if you decide to sell them or B) the best prayer experience in the game currently if you decide to use them.

Now, head inside the Lumbridge castle and on the bottom floor find the NPC named "Cooking Tutor" (x:581, y:65, z:211). Speak with him and offer your help when he seems distressed. If done correctly you will start your first quest in the game; "Cook's Assistant."

After starting Cook's Assistant, head downstairs to the basement of the castle. Find the bank chest there and bank all of your items except your empty bucket and empty pot. We will need them for the quest later.

bonus: If you're planning to level up runecrafting later you can speak to the Duke on the second floor of the Lumbridge castle to start the rune mysteries quest.

1.2 Cook's Assistant, Sheep Shearer & Imp Catcher

You should now have nothing but your empty bucket and your empty pot in your inventory. Great!

First head out of the castle by going back the same way you entered. When in the courtyard head outside, take an immediate left and head over the bridge to the other side of Lumbridge. From here on out we will address this side of Lumbridge as "East Lumbridge" and the side the castle is located on as "West Lumbridge".

When in East Lumbridge head north towards the Cow pens. You should not have trouble finding your way there. Once at the cow pens find a cow that's named "Dairy Cow" (x:706, y:63, z:40) and use your empty bucket on it to receive "Bucket of milk"

Once you have obtained the bucket of milk, head north over to the chicken pen. Inside it, there should be egg spawns at (x:634, y:63, z:-51) & (x:620, y:63, z:-49) Pick one up.

After obtaining the egg, open your inventory by pressing E, navigate to your spellbook and use your home teleport to reach the Lumbridge castle's courtyard.

From the courtyard head out into West Lumbridge. Follow the road north past the Lumbridge General Store and the Chest opening area until the road no longer goes forward and you are forced to turn left. Follow the road left until you find a farmers house. Head inside and talk to "Fred" (x:511, y:63, z:31) to start the Sheep Shearer quest.

Once you have started the Sheep Shearer quest, pick up the shears (x:509, y:63, z:37) inside Fred's house that are lying on top of a crate.

Head out of Fred's house and follow the road left until on your right you locate a windmill (x:442, y:63, z:-68). Once at the windmill, go inside and use your empty pot on the contraption inside the windmill to receive a pot of flour.

After getting the pot of flour head back out of the windmill and take a right following the road west towards Draynor Village and Port Sarim.

Once you have passed a few fields you arrive at a crossroads. Take a left heading south into Draynor Village and towards the wizard's tower. Keep going south until you find a bridge. Cross the bridge and head into the wizard's tower. Inside the wizard's tower head into the room on the right and up the flight of stairs to the very top. At the very top, find "Wizard Mizgog" (x:279, y:90, z:357) talk to him and ask for a quest politely to start the "Imp Catcher" quest.

bonus: If you started the rune mysteries quest earlier, talk to the wizard Sedridor in the basement of the wizards tower for the rune mysteries quest. Make sure you receive the package.

At this point your inventory should have:

  • An egg
  • A bucket of Milk
  • A pot of flour
  • Shears.

If you have all of those items, use your home teleport again to reach the Lumbridge castle courtyard. Go inside the castle talk to the "Cooking Tutor" and complete Cook's assistant to reach LVL 9 cooking.

After completing the cook's assistant quest bank everything else except the shears in the basement bank chest and head back north to Fred's farm's sheep pen.

Once at the sheep pen, use the shears to shear the sheep (or rams) to gain 20 wool. After you have the 20 wool, use your home teleport.

Walk inside the castle, take the stairs up to the 2nd floor and find the spinning wheel (x:473, y:71, z:213) use the spinning wheel to spin your 20 wool into 20 balls of wool. After spinning all of your wool, return to Fred (x:511, y:63, z:31) and complete the sheep shearer quest for some coins.

Congratulations, you have completed two of the starter quests and started the third. Time for some combat training.

1.3 Combat Training

We've helped the cook and a local farmer, we've learned a bit about how to (hopefully) not burn our food and how to do some basic crafting. Now it's time to become the hero the world doesn't need and doesn't even deserve, but gets anyway. Time for basic combat training!

Head to the basement of the Lumbridge castle and bank everything in your inventory if you have something. Grab only your trusty sword and wooden shield. Equip your weapons and head out of the castle and over the bridge into East Lumbridge.

Now here's your first real choice. You can train your melee combat skills on two different mobs to make some starter cash. Either chickens or cows. I personally recommend sticking with chicken until base 5s and then moving on to cows, just to get a hang of the combat in minescape.

If your choice was the CHICKEN ROUTE, here's what to do;

Head over to the chicken pen (x:631, y:63, z:7) and start killing chicken. They're LVL 1 and have only 3hp, so they should pose no real danger to you.

As you are killing the chicken make sure to loot everything. Keep killing the chicken until you are either at very low hp or your inventory is filled with raw chicken and feathers. Once your inventory is full or you are low hp use the home teleport to get back to the castle. Once at the castle head inside and use the cooking range inside the same room the cooking tutor is in to cook your raw chicken into usable food for the next trip.


Bury the bones you get for free prayer exp.

Loot the feathers and sell them to the Grand Exchange Clerk in Lumbridge for starter cash.

Loot the raw chicken meat for cooking exp. and starter food.

If you get a clue scroll drop, scroll down on this guide until you find 1.5 - Broadening Horizons for more info.

You should keep doing these trips until you have 5 Attack, Strength and Defence. You can go all the way up to 10 Attack, Strength and Defence, but I wouldn't suggest it since at 5 Att, Str & Def you'll be more than capable of killing cows which in turn nets you more gold.

The order in which to train your skills should be either Attack (Att) to LVL 5 -> Strength to LVL 5 (Str) -> Defence (Def) to LVL 5 or Strength to LVL 5 (Str) -> Attack (Att) to LVL 5 -> Defence (Def) to LVL 5

If your choice was the COW ROUTE or you have reached LVL 5 in ATT, STR & DEF, here's what to do;

Head over to the cow pen where you previously milked the dairy cow in East Lumbridge. Start killing Cows. They're LVL 2 and have 8hp. They should not provide a real danger to you, but they take longer to kill and deal some damage back. You should loot everything you get, continuing to bury the bones until 10 prayer, cooking the meat for food on the next trip to the cow pen and selling the cowhides for starter cash.

bonus: If you want to make a bit more cash per cowhide you can also bank them and tan them later in Al Kharid to get more gp/cowhide. You should, however, make sure you have enough cash to move forward in the guide.


Bury the bones you get for free prayer exp.

Loot the cowhides and sell them to the Grand Exchange Clerk in Lumbridge for starter cash.

Loot the raw meat for cooking exp. and starter food.

If you get a clue scroll drop, scroll down on this guide until you find 1.5 - Broadening Horizons for more info.

You should keep doing these trips until you have 10 Attack, Strength and Defence & 5-10 Prayer.

1.4 Spending Your Starter Cash

At this point you should have the following;

  • 10 Att, Str, Def & 5-10 Prayer
  • Cook's Assistant & Sheep Shearer completed
  • Some cooked chicken or beef for food
  • Some starter cash from selling cowhides and feathers to the Grand Exchange

Now, next up we're going to discuss what to spend your hard-earned first pennies on. In my opinion, the best place to spend your first bit of gold on is gear upgrades so that you may kill cows and level up quicker thus gaining more gold/hour.

One of the most prominent of these gear upgrades is your weapon. The best place to get an upgrade for your sword is from Zeke in Al Kharid.

Take the cash you've earned with you and in East Lumbridge near the bridge that crosses you over to West Lumbridge, head to the desert. When there, take a right between two huge cliffs and arrive into Al Kharid.

Keep following the roads of the town south until you find Zeke at his shop (x:794, y:66, z:275) right-click on him to open his shop and buy yourself a Steel Scimitar for 400gp.

If you have the money left, you can also buy yourself a mithril scimitar for 1040gp to use once you reach 20 Att. However, if you don't have the gold yet, don't worry, you can always come back later.

If you still have gold head over to Louie's legplate shop in Al Kharid (x:887, y:66, z:316) Once there, you can purchase Steel Platelegs for 1000gp or if you can't afford steel you can get the Iron Platelegs for 280gp. Keep in mind these are just very basic starter upgrades that will help you stay at the cow pen longer to earn some more cash, they will be replaced fairly quickly and that's the reason we're not buying full armor sets.

After you've purchased your gear you should home teleport back to Lumbridge and head back over to the cow pen for some more animal slaughter to earn a bit of extra cash.

I recommend doing the cowhide method until you have 20 ATT / STR & DEF by that time you should have accumulated plenty of money for our next section in which we'll look into getting started with the two remaining combat skills, ranged & magic.

Again, if you receive a clue scroll drop head down to 1.5 - Broadening Horizons for more information.

1.5 Broadening Horizons & Combat 40s

And so, we're nearing the end of our first section of the guide. Congrats, you've made it out of the starter trap.

We now have more options as to what we can do. We can continue earning more cash by training melee, we can move onto training range with the cash we've got (recommended) or we can start skilling (not recommended, yet.)

You should now have the following;

20 Att/Def/Str

10 Prayer

Cook's Assistant & Sheep Shearer completed

Some GP from killing cows and selling cowhides.

The next thing we want to be working towards is 30 range so that we can safespot Green Dragons for some much better bank. Training range, however, requires constant cash flow and lucky for us there are a few ways to maintain a +/- 0gp ratio while training.

Before we get into more training and buying our equipment I want to address something that you may have come across and been flabbergasted by. Clue scrolls.

1.5.1 Clue Scrolls

If you have gotten a clue scroll as loot from the cows or chickens you killed you might be wondering what to do with it.

The items you will need;

  • A spade (Can be found on the 2nd floor of the Varrock General Store, x:593, y:68, z:-400)
  • A compass (Optional, but helpful)

You should use the wiki page: Clue Scrolls to find out where exactly you need to dig to get the clue scroll rewards.

The best reward by far as of writing this guide is the Black Boots. You will receive around 5-15k worth of loot per clue scroll, usually some of it in gp so they are super worth doing as a new / mid-level player wanting to make cash.

1.5.2 Range & Mage Training

The last thing we are going to be working towards is getting 30 ranged and 37 magic before we can start earning a more serious cash stack that we can later use to buy materials for skilling or better equipment.

The money you have earned from clue scrolls and cowhides thus far should now be used to buy some ranged weapons and armor. I will list the items you will need below;

Lowe's Range Shop (x:652, y:63, z:-427)

  • 1000 iron arrows, 3gp each (3000gp)
  • Oak Shortbow, 100gp
  • Willow Shortbow, 200gp
  • Maple Shortbow, 400gp

Horvik's Armor Shop (x:630, y:63, z:--468)

  • Studded Body, 850gp
  • Studded Chaps, 750gp

Total gp requirement for 30 ranged; 5300gp.

It might feel like a lot, but you will make it all back and then some, don't you worry.

After buying the required equipment from Varrock head back into the cow pen in East Lumbridge and start ranging the cows, now looting only the cowhides and selling them to keep your ratio of money spent per kill at +/- 0gp. Remember to use the "Rapid" or "Accurate" methods of shooting for the most range xp/hour. Rapid being the fastest xp/hour.

Continue this method until 30 range.

Once you're at 30 range you can now access one of the best moneymakers in the game currently, killing green dragons. They can be found in the dwarven mine near Falador (entrance; x:652, y:63, z:-427)

For gear setups, you should use the studded armor, a coif, maple shortbow and steel arrows & an anti-dragon shield. The maple shortbow and steel arrows can be bought from Lowe if you don't already have them. This is the budget way of killing the dragons. Each kill is worth around 2k, so you should be able to make plenty of money here.

You should bury the dragon bones until you reach 40 prayer and then sell them as well. Dragon Bones are the fastest way to reach 40 prayer as of currently.

I recommend doing green dragons until you have 40 ranged and/or a good cash stack for buying runes to train magic up to 40 with, which brings us to our next section - training magic to 40.

Equipment required for 40 magic;

Zaff's Staff Shop (Varrock) (x:544, y:63, z:--456)

  • Staff of Fire (1,5k gp)

Aubury's Rune Shop (Varrock) (x:708, y:63, z:--358)

  • Air rune 6k (430gp/100 runes / 1 air rune pack) ( 25,8k gp)
  • Mind Rune 2k (330/100 runes / 1 mind rune pack) ( 6,6k gp)

bonus: If you started the rune mysteries quest earlier, give Auburn the research package you got earlier to continue the quest.

The total cost of training magic to 40: Approximately; 35-40k gp

After buying your runes, you should head back to the cow pen and start using wind strike (and at LVL 13 fire strike) to level up your magic to 40 while looting the cowhides. From here on out you should bank them for later use in crafting, rather than sell them since you have a better moneymaker in dragons with ranged.

Once you reach 40 magic, you should switch over to your best melee gear (remember to upgrade your scimitar in Al Kharid and armor at Horvik's in Varrock & Louie's in Al Kharid) to finish off the last 20 levels of Att/Str/Def to reach base 40 combat stats.

After finishing the melee grind to LVL 40, you've successfully completed the first part of this guide - getting 40 base combat. Congratulations!

First 100k

Time for the 2nd section of the guide - earning your first 100k cash stack to go towards skilling and getting a good setup of base equipment for all combat styles.

Before you start this section of the guide you should have;

  • 40 Att/Str/Def/Prayer/Ranged & Magic.
  • Cook's Assistant & Sheep Shearer completed.
  • Cash from killing Green Dragons & Cows.
  • Basic range equipment required for killing dragons.

The goals for this section are as follows;

  1. Obtain a Rune Scimitar
  2. Obtain a Rune Crossbow or Yew Shortbow
  3. Obtain at least a full set of adamant gear.
  4. Obtain at least a full set of green d' hide gear.
  5. Have at least a cash stack of 100k in your bank ready for skilling.

These may seem like daunting tasks considering everything, but after a while, you will notice that getting all of them done is more about making money than anything else.

As of writing this guide, there is only one person in the game that can make rune weaponry, but this is subject to change in the future as more people reach the required smithing LVL. You should contact Darkfilter or anyone with the required smithing level to obtain a rune scimitar. The same principle follows for the rune crossbow and green d'hide armor, contact someone with the appropriate levels to craft ur items.

A rune scimitar should cost you no more than 200K

A rune crossbow should similarily cost you around 300K.

A full set of adamant armor should run you no more than 75k

A full set of green d'hide should cost you 12,5k

We also want a cash stack of 100k for skilling etc.

So in total, the goal is to get up to 600k of cash to buy everything we want plus have the money for starting skilling.

The best way to achieve this amount of cash while still progressing your account in a meaningful way is to start slayer.

Slayer currently has 4 tasks that you can get. Either spiders, scorpions, skeletons or green dragons. Green dragons are the only lucrative task to get, but since the goal of the guide is to get every single skill up to 40 so that you can progress into any aspect of the game, later on, you will want to do all of the slayer tasks you can.

Before starting slayer, I highly recommend you customize your scoreboard to be a bit more dynamic. Here's an example how;


Press "clear" in the chat window

Copy these one line at a time into your chat.

/chat line 0 &7Combat Level: &6<combat_level>

/chat line 1 &a&m &m &m &m &m &m &r &aStats &m &m &m &m &m &m &m

/chat line 2 退 &a<attack> &r逈 &c<health> &r逐 &a<mining>

/chat line 3 送 &a<strength> &r选 &a<agility> &r逑 &a<smithing>

/chat line 4 适 &a<defence> &r逊 &a<herblore> &r递 &a<fishing>

/chat line 5 逃 &a<ranged> &r逋 &a<thieving> &r逓 &a<cooking>

/chat line 6 逄 &b<prayer_points> &r逌 &a<crafting> &r途 &a<firemaking>

/chat line 7 逅 &a<magic> &r逍 &a<fletching> &r逕 &a<woodcutting>

/chat line 8 逆 &a<runecrafting> &r逎 &a<slayer> &r逖 &a<farming>

/chat line 9 逇 &a<construction> &r透 &a<hunter> &r速 &e<total_level>

/chat line 10 &a&m &m &m &m &m &m &m &m &m &m &m &m &m &m &m &m &m &m &m &m /chat line 11 退 &7XP to level: &6<attack_left>

/chat line 12 &7Task: &e<slayer_task_mob> &e<slayer_task_current>&7/&e<slayer_task_required>

/chat line 13 &7Ping: &a<ping>

! Credit for this awesome scoreboard goes to Caelenn !

To start training slayer, head to Edgeville and talk to Krystilia(x:264, y:63, z:-695) and ask for an assignment. You may check from the list under where to find your slayer tasks monster.

Skeletons; Wilderness (x:293, y:64, z:-743) & Varrock sewer (entrance; x:653, y:63, z:-529)

Spiders; East Lumbridge (x:694, y:63, z:140)

Scorpions; Al Kharid Desert Mine (x: 865, y:62, z:-90)

Green Dragons; Dwarven Mine (entrance; x:652, y:63, z:-427)

You should continue doing slayer tasks until you are slayer level 40. Use the combat type that's the lowest level, except if you're at green dragons where you should always use ranged. If you haven't reached the 500k ish cash stack by the time you're slayer LVL 40 you should go to green dragons to finish off the cash stack. Each kill is worth about 2k, so you should have 600k after 300ish kills.

Tip:  If the green dragons are crowded and you don't want to leave your spot, I suggest burying the dragon bones you get for prayer exp and only picking up rune dagger and green d hide drops for max profit and max time without leaving to the bank.



3.0 Skilling

     3.1 Crafting

     3.2 Thieving

     3.3 Woodcutting

     3.4 Firemaking

     3.5 Fishing

     3.6 Cooking

     3.7 Mining

     3.8 Smithing

     3.9 Rune Mysteries & Runecrafting

3.0 Skilling

Your combat skills should now all be LVL 40 and you've made some good progress on that behalf of your account. You've gotten some mid-game gear for all combat types and are capable of being independent in future slayer tasks/combat training. Great! Time to crack open the other side of the game, gathering and crafting skills. This section of the guide goes over one possible routes to take to achieve LVL40 in all skills while not spending all of your gold. Keep in mind, skilling is incredibly versatile and you don't have to follow this order in leveling them.

3.1 Crafting

Leveling crafting to 40 affordably is fairly simple. You should have some cowhides, hopefully, the whole required amount from killing cows while leveling melee to be able to just breeze through crafting. Here are the required materials and where to get them;

  • 600 cowhides (Tanning them into, 320 leather and 280 hard leather.)
  • Needles
  • Thread

You should have most of the cowhides required, but if you don't have 600 just buy the remaining ones off of the grand exchange.

Needles and thread can be bought from Dommik in Al Kharid (x:891, y:65, z:266)

Tanning the cowhides into leather and hard leather can be done one inventory at a time at Ellis' (x:757, y:66, z:261) in Al Kharid.

Once you have the initial leather head to any bank of your choice, Al Kharid most likely being the closest to your current location and follow the chart below on what to craft. When you reach lvl 28 crafting, you should tan the rest of your cowhides into hard leather.

Level 1-7 craft Leather gloves, this requires 24 leather. (13.8xp per)

Level 7-9 craft Leather boots, this requires 10 leather. (16.25xp per)

Level 9-11 craft Leather cowl, this requires 11 leather. (18.5xp per)

Level 11-14 craft Leather vambraces, this requires 17 leather (22xp per)

Level 14-18 craft Leather bodies, this requires 29 leather (25xp per)

Level 18-28 craft Leather chaps, this requires 136 leather (27xp per)

Level 28-38 craft Hard leather bodies, this requires 280 hard leather (35xp per)

Level 38-40 craft Leather Coifs, this requires 93 leather. (37xp per)

Help for creating the chart above came from CyanMarshmellow. Thanks for running the numbers!

3.0 Thieving

With crafting out of the way you should now head over to Draynor Village which will be our skilling home for the next little while. Start by pickpocketing the men and women there until you reach 15 thieving.

After this, you should move onto pickpocketing the farmer located at (x:376, y:68, z:-56).

Keep in mind, you can pickpocket the farmer starting from LVL10, but your failure rate will be so high that the exp/h rates are most likely going to be lower than with sticking with men and women until LVL 15. You should stay at the farmer until you reach LVL22 thieving after which you should move over to the wine stall located in the middle of the draynor village market. Steal from the wine stall either banking your loot or dropping it until you reach LVL 40 thieving.

3.0 Woodcutting

3.0 Firemaking

3.0 Fishing

3.0 Cooking

3.0 Mining

3.0 Smithing

3.0 Rune Mysteries & Runecrafting