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Welcome and thank you for voting for the server!

Voting gives you in-game rewards such as skill packs and voting pools.

Many more rewards to come in future, feel free to suggest rewards!

Ensure to type your Minecraft name in correctly (it is case sensitive)

Vote links:

How To Activate Double XP

Vote using the eight vote links above, once per day.

While in the server type /votepool

Click the middle purple square that says "Double XP 8/8 Votepoints"

You will have added one hour of double xp for all players on the server.

Add Double XP Timer to Scoreboard

Add the double xp timer to your scoreboard with this command:

/chat line 5 <double_exp>

Now you can see how long double xp is active. It will say /votepool if double xp is not active.