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Template:Documentation The DropsLineClue template is used to display clue scroll DropsLine, DropsLineSkill, or DropsLineReward with reference information of reduced rarities based on combat diary rewards. It uses a backend Module based on Template:T (for monster drops). Three templates are used to form the drop logs:

  • Template:T - Contains table headers for the top of the drop table
  • Template:T - Template for all of the individual drop lines
  • Template:T - Contains table footers for the bottom of the drop table


|type          = <!-- Type of clue scroll (easy, medium, hard, elite) -->
|rarity        = <!-- How rare the item is: Always, Common, Uncommon, Rare, Very rare, Varies -->
|raritynotes   = <!-- (Optional) Extra things added into the Rarity column, to not disrupt the colouring-->
|altrarity     = <!-- (Optional) Display a second rarity, separated by a semicolon -->
|altraritydash = <!-- (Optional) If this value is defined as anything except blank (use "yes"), there will be a dash instead of a semi-colon -->
|noteoverride  = <!-- (Optional) If this is filled in, this will override the dynamically created reference note with adjusted values. This WILL NOT automatically apply the adjusted numbers like the default does -->
|f2p           = <!-- (Optional) If this value is populated with "yes" there will be a subtext (m) on the name of the clue to show it is members only -->
|smw           = <!-- (Optional) Set to "No" to stop this item from appearing in SMW results -->
|skill         = <!-- (Optional) Sets the DropsLine template to DropsLineSkill and passes in the skill provided in this param (IE pass in Agility, Strength, etc) -->
|reward        = <!-- (Optional) Sets the DropsLine template to DropsLineReward -->

NOTE: The template should be used in one line, like the example below.

Unfilled drops line for quick copy-paste