Romeo & Juliet

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Start Point Talk to Romeo in Varrock Town Square

Romeo and Juliet are desperatly in love, but Juliet's father refuses for them to be together. Help these love birds find a way to get married and live happily ever after.

Length Short
Items Required
  • Cadava Berries
Enemies to Defeat None
  • Start by talking to Romeo in Varrock Square
  • Go talk with Juliet, she's on the balcony in the house west of Varrock Square.
  • Deliver the letter back to Romeo.
  • Talk with a guy in a house South-Wes Berries (They're located near Varrock's East mine). Right click the bush to get them.
  • Bring the berries back to the guy.
  • Deliver the potion to Juliet. Then go talk with Romeo.