NPC Dialogue System

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The NPC Dialogue System was created to help streamline the creation of dialogue trees that the NPC's would say when interacted with. This system greatly cut down the time needed from almost all day to just a few hours or less, for a single NPC. This system also allowed for non-coders to help add dialogue to the server, freeing up time from the coders.

How to use[edit | edit source]

File:NPC DS.png
Start page when using the Dialogue System

To get started using the Dialogue System simply open the link:

File:Screenshot 2022-07-25 12.47.33.png
Start Box

Start Box[edit | edit source]

The Start Box is the beginning of all Dialogues, when a players initiates Dialogue with an NPC this is where it starts.

Keep in mind when building a Dialogue that any boxes that have a red square at either side will need to be connected to something to prevent an error from showing up when put into the games code.

File:Dialogue Box.png
Dialogue Box

Dialogue Box[edit | edit source]

The Dialogue Box is where the dialogue that the players sees in-game when interacting with a NPC. The title at the top is then set to <player> which will show the player name of the player when in dialogue or set to the Name of the NPC to denote that it is what the NPC is saying. Then simply click and drag from the right side of a box to the left side of the next box to show the order in which the dialogue follows.

File:Condition Box.png
Condition Box

Condition Box[edit | edit source]

A Condition Box is where a True or False. It can be used to denote whether the player started a Dialogue a certain way or simply as a check to see if a player has a certain item in their inventory or even if they have a quest completed/at a certain stage. The Green plus sign to the right of Condition allows for more conditions to be added, while the Red minus sign deletes the Condition it is in line with.

File:Option Box.png
Option Box

Option Box[edit | edit source]

The Option Box is used to give a Player an option, usually a simple Yes or No and other times multiple options are given for when an NPC has a lot to talk about.

File:Action Box.png
Action Box

Action Box[edit | edit source]

The Action Box is used to perform an Action, usually being to open a stores interface or even give/take items to the Player, like when traveling by boat to Karamja. The Action Box can have multiple actions in the given box to perform multiple actions at once.

File:Shop Dialogue Example.png
Example of Shop Dialogue

Simple Shop Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Here is an example of a Shop's Dialogue. As you can see that when first interacting with the NPC a condition is made to see whether or not the Player initiated Dialogue normally or shift+right click. So if the player does the latter then it skips the dialogue and goes straight to opening the Shop screen in-game. But if the player just normally talks to the NPC then Dialogue is initiated and goes to the Dialogue Box right below the Condition Box. Which then leads to an Option Box giving the players a simple Yes or No option. Choosing Yes leads to the Shop Screen being opened and No exiting out of the Dialogue.