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Iron Golem

A Hill Giant is a type of giant found in several locations around MineScape, most highly concentrated in the far southern end of the Edgeville Dungeon. These dungeons may be accessed through the entrance located in the house north-east of Barbarian Village and west of the Cooks' Guild if the player has a Brass key. A common place is The Edgeville Dungeon, as players like to gather Big bones to bury them for Prayer experience. Another hill giants area is near Al Kharid (located east of the Al-Kharid General Store and Louie's Armoured Legs Bazaar., east past the gap in the gate, then up the Giants' Plateau)*.

There are two Hill Giants present in level 17-18 Wilderness; however, very few people go there because of the dangerous player killers in the area and its far distance from any bank. The closest bank for most Hill Giants in the Wilderness is in Edgeville. They are aggressive to players below combat level 57.

Hill giants have relatively low Defence for their level, which makes them quite good for experience from level 30 to level 50.

The Hill Giant is one of the creatures that could potentially drop a Champion's scroll*, making it a desirable monster both to train on for experience, due to its relatively high Hitpoints but low Defence, and for its respective scroll.

Killing Hill Giants found within the Catacombs of Kourend* is one of the fastest ways to farm for Ancient shards* and Dark totem pieces because of their low Hitpoints, allowing high level players to kill upwards of a couple hundred an hour.

It can drop the giant key, which is required to fight the hill giant boss Obor.

* Not currently implemented


Note that the locations of Hill Giant (Dark) and Hill Giant (Giants' Plateau) are not listed here.

Location Levels Spawns Map
Lava Maze* 28 4
Giant Pit* 28 12
Gnome Maze* 28 3
North of the Observatory* 28 6
South-west of Tree Gnome Stronghold* 28 6
Boneyard Hunter area 28 2 Maplink
Edgeville Dungeon 28 12 Maplink
Taverley Dungeon 28 5 Maplink
Deep Wilderness Dungeon* 28 6 Maplink

* Not implemented



Item Quantity Rarity
Big bones 1 Always

Weapons and armour

Item Quantity Rarity
Iron full helm 1 1/25.6
Iron dagger 1 1/32
Iron kiteshield 1 1/42.67
Steel longsword 1 1/64

Runes and ammunition

Item Quantity Rarity
Iron arrow 3 1/21.33
Fire rune 15 1/42.67
Water rune 7 1/42.67
Law rune 2 1/42.67
Steel arrow 10 1/64
Mind rune 3 1/64
Cosmic rune 2 1/64
Nature rune 6 1/64
Chaos rune 2 1/128
Death rune 2 1/128


Item Quantity Rarity
Coins 38 1/9.143
Coins 52 1/12.8
Coins 15 1/16
Coins 8 1/21.33
Coins 88 1/64


Item Quantity Rarity
Limpwurt root 1 1/11.64
Beer 1 1/21.33
Body talisman 1 1/64
Nothing N/A 1/128
Giant key 1 1/128; 1/64 (wilderness)