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Frequently asked questions will be answered here.

Do I have to pay to play?[edit | edit source]

Our plan is forever free to play, including Members areas and skills, you just need to remember, that we're currently in beta.

Why is this just a server and not an actual mod?[edit | edit source]

There are many reasons behind our current choice. The first is this - people are lazy. Having to manually download a custom launcher, client, or install mods themselves is usually more effort than it's worth. By making the setup process "simply connect to this IP" our playerbase will be larger.

The second reason is that mods are hard to manage. We'll explain the work it'd be for us, because I'm sure you understand how annoying updates are. Every time we'd make a change, we'd have to push out an update. This means that we can never do 'small' tweaks - updates would have to be large enough to matter. What this also means is version control - we'd have to ensure players have the correct version of every mod and part of the launcher. We'd have to ensure every file that you have is not corrupted and and hasn't been modified by others. Certain players also don't know how to install mods, or don't want to know how. By doing everything on the server, you don't have to worry and neither do we.

Not all computers can handle mods. Minecraft is a clunky game on its own. By modifying it ourselves, and adding things, this makes it bigger and heavier. It doesn't help that many of us have only have a year or two experience (in most cases) and our code would most likely be quite inefficient.

Not everyone can or wants to install mods. When it comes down to it, a lot of Minecraft's playerbase is very young. In many cases, these younger children are playing on their parents' computers (or computers their parents strictly keep an eye on). We completely understand situations where players can't or are not allowed to install applications or game modifications, especially from sources they don't trust.

Finally, mods are limited to updates by MCP. This means a lot of waiting when new Minecraft updates are released. We're only limited by Bukkit. There is a mod called Scapecraft that you may be interested in.

Minecraft is a powerful resource on its own, and our goal is to use it to its full potential, keeping to the Vanilla limiations.We hope you now understand our reasoning.

What is with the random aggressive mobs?[edit | edit source]

Our current aggression code does not make a mob 'passive' after a player runs away or disappears. Currently, such mobs will use the default Minecraft code where they fall back to attacking the nearest player. The code for this will be improved over any time.

Why is __ missing? Will it be added?[edit | edit source]

If you can find it on the Old School Runescape Wiki, and it's relatively important or useful, it will be added. If you wish to request something to be added you can request it in the discord or by create a poll in-game.

When does beta end? Will we lose our stuff?[edit | edit source]

Beta ends when all skills are added into the game, and all existing bugs are fixed. There is no estimated release date, but all your progress will remain.