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Attack is a player's accuracy in melee combat. As a player raises their Attack level, they can deal damage more consistently as well as wield weapons of stronger materials.

To Train this skill you must attack any hostile mob while holding a sword.

Fighting accurately

In order to gain experience in the Attack stat, players must choose the accurate attack style. While using the style, players gain an invisible +3 attack bonus. Attack is used to calculate the accuracy of your attacks against an enemy's defence.

Attack bonuses

Some weapons give players Attack bonuses when using certain attack types. These bonuses are noted in the Equipment Stats section of the equipment menu. Attack bonuses give players advantages as well as disadvantages in melee combat, based on their target's strengths and weaknesses.

Attack type Suitable weapons
Stab Daggers, swords, longswords, and pickaxes.
Slash Swords, longswords, axes, scimitars, battleaxes, and two-handed swords.
Crush Maces, battleaxes, warhammers, pickaxes, axes, and two-handed swords.


In order to wield weapons, a certain Attack level requirement must be met. Commonly used items and their corresponding level requirements are as follows:

1 Bronze
1 Iron
1 Machetes
5 Steel
10 Black
10 White
20 Mithril
30 Adamant
30 Battlestaves
40 Mystic staves
40 Rune
50 Granite maul
50 Leaf-bladed spear
50 Leaf-bladed sword
60 Barrelchest anchor
60 Dragon
70 Abyssal dagger
70 Abyssal whip
70 Barrows

Weapons Yet To Be Released

Level Weapon
15 Ancient mace*
30 Swamp lizard*
40 Brine sabre*
42 Void knight mace*
50 Ancient staff*
50 Iban's staff*
50 Orange salamander*
60 Obsidian*
60 Red salamander*
60 Viggora's chainmace*
65 3rd age longsword*
65 Leaf-bladed battleaxe*
65 Sarachnis cudgel*
70 Abyssal bludgeon*
70 Avernic defender*
70 Black salamander*
70 Saradomin sword*
70 Zamorakian spear*
75 Abyssal tentacle*
75 Arclight*
75 Elder maul*
75 Godswords*
75 Saradomin's blessed sword*
75 Staff of the dead*
80 Ghrazi rapier*
80 Blade of Saeldor*
80 Inquisitor's mace*
80 Scythe of vitur*