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Greetings. Here is a basic guide on how to edit the wiki.

Adding Existing Images

The easiest way to add images is to copy and paste them from a page that already has the image you want. If it is a mob or boss the image should already be on the Bestiary or Boss pages.

If you use the 'Insert' -> 'Images and Media' tool you will probably need to know the exact file name. That is why standardized file names are so important. Multiple words always should use an underscore _ instead of no space, IE Abyssal_whip.png instead of AbyssalWhip.png. The second word is always lowercase. The file should be named exactly as in game.

Use CRTL+F on the file page to find what you are looking for.

Files are required to be five characters, so here is a chart for short file names.

How to extend short file names to meet the 5 character minimum requirement.
# of letters Add Example
4 letter words _ Wool_.png
3 letter words _1 Cow_1.png
2 letter words _01 Og_01.png
1 letter words _001 X_001.png

With underscores, you will be able to just search for the first word in the Insert Image tool and it will work. For example you can search for "Cow" instead of "Cow_.png". Neat!

Searching for Images in the Insert Images and Media tool

If the image has two words separated by an underscore you can search for the first word. If you know the last word you will need to add ".png" in order for it to show up. You can't do partial word searches.

For example:

Searching for Abyssal will give you Abyssal_demon.png, Abyssal_walker.png etc. but not Abyssal.png.

Searching for demon will not show you Abyssal_demon.png unless you search for demon.png.

Searching for Abyss would not give you any results.

If you can't find it you'll have to CRTL+F to look for it on the file list page.

Manually Inserting Images with Code

Sometimes you might need to insert a photo manually. Here is example code:


Just replace Cow_1.png with the file name. Make sure the file is already uploaded.

Adding a new Monster Page

You can use Aberrant spectre as an example. You will need to first add the Infobox_Monster Template.

Using the Infobox_Monster Template

Using the visual editor

Click Insert -> Template and search for "Infobox_Monster".

Add the template and fill it out.

For the image copy and paste this format but replace the file name: [[File:Aberrant_spectre.png|150px]]

For the slayer master section insert their image files.

[[File:Turael.png|frameless|32px]] [[File:Krystilia.png|frameless|32px]] [[File:Duradel.png|frameless|32px]] [[File:Nieve.png|frameless|32px]] [[File:Mazchna.png|frameless|32px]] [[File:Konar.png|frameless|32px]] [[File:Vannaka.png|frameless|32px]] [[File:Chaeldar.png|frameless|32px]]

Using code

This inserts the template:


But it will have the defaults. To pass the parameters do this:

{{Infobox_Monster|name=Aberrant Spectre|image=[[File:Aberrant_spectre.png|150px]]}}

The rest of the parameters are found here: Template:Infobox Monster

Taking Screenshots of Models with Blockbench

If you need a nice photo of a model, and it isn't already uploaded you'll need to download the MineScape GitHub folder and Blockbench. Unzip the GitHub folder, open Blockbench and click "Open Model". Travel to the unzipped MineScape folder and do a search for what you're looking for. It will be a .json file.

Once your model is open rotate by clicking and dragging. Make sure the sun icon in the top right corner is underlined which means the shading is on.

CTRL+P is the shortcut to take a screenshot. Try to keep your models rotated in a similar way so they look neat with the other uploaded models on the wiki. For mobs I had them face left, and for humanoids I liked to rotate them until I can see the tops of their shoulders which makes them look less 2D.

How to fix error: Missing Texture/Model/Parent

You might get a warning when you open a model that says the model you tried to open is the child of another model. Click "Open Parent and Apply Textures". For me it never actually applied the textures and I had to do it manually. Here is how you fix it:

Example: You open wizardhat_black.json and Blockbench opens two files, the wizardhat_blue.json and an wizardhat_black.json which doesn't have a model, just a texture on the left panel called black.png.

  1. Click on the tab that doesn't have a model (wizardhat_black.json). In the textures panel on the left side, right-click the texture (black.png), copy, and paste it onto the texture panel that has the model (wizardhat_blue.json).
  2. Drag the texture you just pasted up until it is placed second on the list. In most cases you just want to override this first texture.
  3. If the new texture is not the same size as the first texture you will need to resize the one you pasted. Right click, click resize, click scale, and type in the correct pixel count. For example if the first texture is blue.png 64x64 and the texture you pasted in is black.png 4x4 you will need to resize the black.png to 64x64.
  4. Right click the pasted in texture (black.png) and click "Merge Onto Texture Above".
  5. Sometimes there are multiple textures you have to override. Just repeat the steps on other textures in the side panel until you get the desired result.
  6. Sometimes the "child" model has multiple textures that need copied over onto specific textures on the parent.
  7. Sometimes you need to right click the main texture on the parent model and click "Change File" and search for the texture.
  8. Make sure when you save the screenshot you name it correctly because by default it will name your screenshot after the parent (wizardhat_blue.png) instead of the child (wizardhat_black.png).
How to Rotate Tall or Wide Screenshots

I don't know if it is possible to rotate objects in Blockbench diagonally. Tall screenshots take up a lot of space in a table so it is ideal to rotate them to make them diagonal so their box is more square. I open them up in photoshop, rotate them and crop the canvas close to the image, then save as .png.