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Rune ore

Rune ore is the an extremely valuable ore in the world of minescape, and is the rarest ore in Minescape.

It is used for the production of Rune Bars at level 85 Smithing at a furnace, granting you 50 experience (requiring an additional 8 Coal Ores), which will allow you to create one of the strongest basic armours in the game, Rune armour.

To mine Rune ore, you will need a Mining level of 85, each iron ore mined will net you 125 Mining experience. Rune ore is an extremely sought out ore due to its value and the few players who can mine it, as such, due to the location in the wilderness mine (where there is around 18 Rune ores), it is an extremely dangerous ore to mine. It is advised to keep on the look out for any pvpers in the depths of the wilderness mine.


Wilderness Mine: The wilderness mine is the only known location for Rune ore, containing 18 Rune ores in its depths.